PREACH: Why going clubbing is not even an option for me anymore…

At the risk of sounding like I’m ready to be sent to a nursing home, clubbing is seriously the absolute worst. The only way to get me to a club these days is if my favorite DJ (HARDWELL of course) is playing, if it’s someone’s birthday (well, that’s actually the only way to get me out of my house, period) OR if I’m out of town. Not a chance to catch me out in Miami anymore… #OverIt


No alien involvement? Egyptian secret has been there all along!

Sorry peeps, looks like the aliens weren’t helping our dear Egyptian slave ancestors move the gigantic pyramid stones around… UNLESS… the ETs were the ones that told them about the water? ::evil laugh::

Looks like the truth has been staring us right in the face this whole time (as per usual) and we should stop trying to be all thoughtful and deep about what a painting means and just take it for what it is (I’ve been saying this about Shakespeare’s work for years!)

Now how did they lift 2.5 ton stones to form the actual pyramid? And so the conspiracy continues…

Inspirational story of a 13 year old entrepreneur. Hey, it got Mark Zuckerberg’s attention!

It breaks my heart to see how some kids have to give up their childhood and become adults to support their families. This story is definitely one for the books, and far from over, since Michael and his family don’t have it made yet.


I’m downloading the app, staying posted for updates and hoping this takes off for him. Wishing his summer internship gives him a load of knowledge and some funds to continue innovating, and hopefully he can finish paying for his high school and college years.

Thank you for proving Princeton Mom wrong!

I read excerpts of the Princeton Mom book “Marry Smart: Advice for Finding The One” a couple of months ago, and I must say, I was pissed. In this book she advises women to get plastic surgery in high school, find a husband before graduating college, and not spend too much time focusing on their careers… ::Deep Breaths:: I know, I know, “to each their own” and we all have different aspirations in life. But seriously, I remember when Nicki Minaj did the Roman Holiday Performance at the 2012 Grammys, and one of my friends tweeted something about Nicki’s performance setting us back in time and  eliminating all the progress we had achieved in society when truthfully, I thought it was quite harmless as opposed to what Princeton Mom did with her book.

This is why I absolutely LOVED this open letter. I couldn’t care less about Clooney and his relationships, but I did enjoy reading about Amal and her impressive life/work resume (see how her mom is an accomplished professional as well? what a concept. She had time to interview Bill Clinton AND raise a kick-ass family? Pfffttttt blasphemy). To me it’s not a choice of successful career vs. family life. I think both are attainable through balance and in due time.

So back to the link I’m sharing – this piece, written by a wife no less (seeing married women calling BS on Princeton Mom is PRICELESS) is perfection. Being a working woman doesn’t mean you can’t end up with the man of your dreams. Are we clear Princeton Mom?