Celebrity Deathmatch: Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z

Celebrity Deathmatch: Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z

Can’t go on a single day without a healthy dose of controversy. It looks like this one comes to us from Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister) who decided to try and beat up Jay Z in an elevator after this year’s Met Gala. Obviously, the many brilliant minds of our generation did what they know how to do to cope with any situation: make memes. This one is one of my favorites. Ohhh Solange. What are we going to do with you?

Pin of the day – Marie Antoinette Decorated Cookies

Pin of the day - Marie Antoinette Decorated Cookies

I’m obsessed with Pinterest and the things I find there completely inspire me. Decorated cookies are making the rounds right now, going “viral” in their own way as the new dessert table/favor at parties of all sizes and budgets – regardless of the age group. Therefore, the pin of the day is brought to you by these STUNNING Marie Antoinette decorated cookies that are TO. DIE. FOR!

I have a friend who is starting her business now doing this, and I’ve personally seen the amount of time, precision and patience it takes to make much less elaborate cookies… So I really can’t even fathom how time-consuming it is to make just one of these.

If I saw someone actually eating one of these, I would call 911 and press murder charges. As good old Marie would say… Let them eat cake – but please don’t touch these cookies!

All in all, congratulations to the talented hands at Sugar Rush Custom Cookies behind this gorgeous work of edible art!