Making a Difference: The Nipple Artist

This is the type of story that really warms my heart. A tattoo artist basically stopped doing regular tattoos to become a full time nipple tattooer for breast cancer patients who have had mastectomies and breast reconstruction. He takes in roughly 1,500 to 2,000 women a year that fly in from everywhere in the world to see him. He is giving thousands of women the opportunity to love themselves again. Click here for the video.

Inspirational story of a 13 year old entrepreneur. Hey, it got Mark Zuckerberg’s attention!

It breaks my heart to see how some kids have to give up their childhood and become adults to support their families. This story is definitely one for the books, and far from over, since Michael and his family don’t have it made yet.


I’m downloading the app, staying posted for updates and hoping this takes off for him. Wishing his summer internship gives him a load of knowledge and some funds to continue innovating, and hopefully he can finish paying for his high school and college years.