PREACH: Why going clubbing is not even an option for me anymore…

At the risk of sounding like I’m ready to be sent to a nursing home, clubbing is seriously the absolute worst. The only way to get me to a club these days is if my favorite DJ (HARDWELL of course) is playing, if it’s someone’s birthday (well, that’s actually the only way to get me out of my house, period) OR if I’m out of town. Not a chance to catch me out in Miami anymore… #OverIt

Celebrity Deathmatch: Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z

Celebrity Deathmatch: Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z

Can’t go on a single day without a healthy dose of controversy. It looks like this one comes to us from Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister) who decided to try and beat up Jay Z in an elevator after this year’s Met Gala. Obviously, the many brilliant minds of our generation did what they know how to do to cope with any situation: make memes. This one is one of my favorites. Ohhh Solange. What are we going to do with you?

Pin of the day – Marie Antoinette Decorated Cookies

Pin of the day - Marie Antoinette Decorated Cookies

I’m obsessed with Pinterest and the things I find there completely inspire me. Decorated cookies are making the rounds right now, going “viral” in their own way as the new dessert table/favor at parties of all sizes and budgets – regardless of the age group. Therefore, the pin of the day is brought to you by these STUNNING Marie Antoinette decorated cookies that are TO. DIE. FOR!

I have a friend who is starting her business now doing this, and I’ve personally seen the amount of time, precision and patience it takes to make much less elaborate cookies… So I really can’t even fathom how time-consuming it is to make just one of these.

If I saw someone actually eating one of these, I would call 911 and press murder charges. As good old Marie would say… Let them eat cake – but please don’t touch these cookies!

All in all, congratulations to the talented hands at Sugar Rush Custom Cookies behind this gorgeous work of edible art!

I feel good na na na na na na na I knew that I would!

As a very opinionated person who rarely expresses said opinions, I have found incredible joy in posting reviews, comments, and now blogging. I feel like I’m establishing some sort of media presence and I absolutely love it. I got this e-mail today from Trip Advisor (a platform which I’ve recently started contributing to more consistently) and it made me feel relevant and like I’m on my way to going viral! Ok fine, nowhere near close but good enough for today… A very nice surprise for one of my 364 un-birthdays this year!

Trip Advisor Ranking

No alien involvement? Egyptian secret has been there all along!

Sorry peeps, looks like the aliens weren’t helping our dear Egyptian slave ancestors move the gigantic pyramid stones around… UNLESS… the ETs were the ones that told them about the water? ::evil laugh::

Looks like the truth has been staring us right in the face this whole time (as per usual) and we should stop trying to be all thoughtful and deep about what a painting means and just take it for what it is (I’ve been saying this about Shakespeare’s work for years!)

Now how did they lift 2.5 ton stones to form the actual pyramid? And so the conspiracy continues…

Food For Thought: Why donating to Susan G. Komen and other organizations might be a joke

This guy Chris is quite the character. He was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer back in 2003, but he didn’t go about treating it the way most of us would – yes he had surgery to remove the tumor and cancerous tissue, but he didn’t proceed with the standard chemo/radio therapy treatments everyone else goes through. He did a lot of research and realized most diseases are caused by unhealthy diets, so he made a lifestyle change and switched to lots of salads, smoothies and juices. When originally diagnosed, the doctors recommended chemo, predicting a 50% success rate and a 5 year life expectancy.

It’s now 2014 and thankfully, Chris is doing well, alive and kicking – CANCER FREE! 11 years later (thank you, but no thank you chemo). Check out his website for more information on his healing process and a ton of other stories of people who have healed naturally with a similar lifestyle change.

In this video, Chris talks about why he doesn’t ‘race for the cure’ nor donate any money to organizations like Susan G. Komen, and urges everyone to google “Komen Watch” to see where the money REALLY goes. I must say I’m always quite skeptical when it comes to those organizations and don’t really trust most of those “non-profit” labels. The content in this video is exactly why. BUT he also names organizations that are worthier recipients of your money if you are still interested in donating!

All in all – this video is definitely worth five minutes of your time.

Inspirational story of a 13 year old entrepreneur. Hey, it got Mark Zuckerberg’s attention!

It breaks my heart to see how some kids have to give up their childhood and become adults to support their families. This story is definitely one for the books, and far from over, since Michael and his family don’t have it made yet.


I’m downloading the app, staying posted for updates and hoping this takes off for him. Wishing his summer internship gives him a load of knowledge and some funds to continue innovating, and hopefully he can finish paying for his high school and college years.

And So Project Craft Room Begins!

Been dreaming of having a craft room for a few months and I’ve slowly started the process. Turning the guest room into my home office/craft room/ happy place. Already took out the guest beds and painted (obsessed with the color). Actually, I need to start building right now so I can’t do a full on blog on what I plan on doing, but I wanted to give this project the official “on your marks, set, BUILD!” sign 🙂

PS – final self-given deadline of December to have it looking exactly like I want it to look, taking into account everything I want to do.

Ikeaing, thrifting, painting, building… And GO!