Welcome to my blog!

Dear reader,

First of all, thank you for checking out my blog. I’ve been meaning to start this for years, mostly because  I need to share my thoughts and ideas to hopefully find common ground with others, but also because I actually feel very strongly about a few topics and I want to make my voice heard. If can get others to feel like they’re not alone by posting my craziness, even better!

Some background info on me:

– My name is Katherine but it infuriates me to hear/read my whole name (probably because my mom only calls me by my full name when she’s angry at me). I go by Kathy 🙂

– Born and raised in Venezuela (one of the many topics I can talk about for hours, especially with what’s going on right now). Moved to Miami when I was 13.

– OBSESSED with: France (paternal grandmother was from there), Disney, accessories, Britto art, and a few other things.

– Went to FIU (Florida International University), studied Hospitality & Tourism Management (for Event Planning), and I’m a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority.

– Work for SAP in the Communications and Marketing Department. Love my job, my coworkers, and the company as a whole. I feel like we truly make a difference in the world.

– I would like to add all of my posts in English and Spanish, but that’s a lot of work. A lot of my family in Venezuela and Colombia complains to me on Facebook when I stick to English, because they have no idea what I’m talking about. So this will most likely be a bilingual blog, with some posts in both languages.

– I talk too much, and I write too much.

In any case, thanks for reading, following and/or sharing my posts. It really means a lot. Hope you enjoy my take on life.


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